AFTER HOURS creates specific objects as a way of being able to realize the experimentation that comes from the after hours of our every day lives. We believe in using what is already at our disposal in order to make new. This is done to reduce our impact on the planet but also as a way to value the relationships we have and ones we want to create.
    Our approach and name are our backbone for working with others to make things as well. I.E. “YOUR NAME” AFTER HOURS. Implying that this is you, after hours. A time when ideas less traveled in can be explored.
→ We also operate as a creative consultant, with a focus on CREATIVE DIRECTION & DESIGN. We will only work with clients that care as much as we do about ideas that can create the thoughtful work and objects we are invested in producing.

Please reach out via e-mail for a PDF sample of our work. (subject matter: work sample)

- Thank you.